Why Get Certified with ASTM and EOS?

Why Get Certified with ASTM and EOS?


Learn what tools and processes you can leverage from the ASTM Additive Manufacturing Operator Certification to expand your industrial metal 3D printing production. 


The EOS x ASTM Operator Certification Program with the EOS M 290 system is the first of its kind in the AM industry. The program offers comprehensive, theoretical, and practical assessments for Powder Bed Fusion - Laser Beam (PBF-LB) Machine Operators. ASTM PBF-LB Machine Operator Certification is based on the ISO/ASTM 52942:2020 standard.

The EOS M 290 system, historically known as EOS’ workhorse production printer is designed to handle the largest variety of metal materials in the EOS metal system portfolio including aluminum, cobalt chrome, stainless and maraging steels, nickel alloys, and titanium. With a variety of industries utilizing AM and EOS metal 3D printing technology, we saw a need to fill the knowledge certification gap and leverage our team of expert AM engineers with ASTM to develop the Additive Manufacturing Operator Certification Program.















What is included in the Additive Manufacturing Operator Certification Program?

The operator certification provides 1:1 assessment for your engineers with ASTM expert. The operator will have an opportunity to demonstrate the following skills:

  • Understanding of an additive manufacturing procedure specification
  • Equipment and processes safety competency evaluation
  • Setting up EOS M290 and build removal
  • Parts preparation for post processing
  • Operator maintenance of L-PBF systems
  • Up to two powder material group specializations, including alloyed steels, hardening steels, titanium/titanium alloys, aluminum/magnesium alloys, materials that do not conform to other material groups such as molybdenum, tungsten, etc., and nickel/cobalt alloys.


How long is the certification?

The operator certification takes one business day, with a combination of hands-on machine operation and maintenance skills. The demonstration will allow your team members to show competency as it relates to your application production. The certification takes place in-person at the EOS Novi training center, with the option to take place at your organization upon request. Visit the EOS e-store to learn more about scheduling and travel options.


How do I know if the certification will apply to my organization?

The operator certification program is designed to customize based on your material selection and application building needs. Before beginning the assessment, you will select one or more materials that you will leverage throughout the certification with trained EOS experts by your side, tailoring practical and theoretical assessments to your organization’s specializations.


Is this certification available for other EOS metal systems?

The EOS x ASTM Operator Certification Program with the EOS M 290 system is the first of its kind in the AM industry. Depending on demand, we hope to expand the certification offering to additional systems in the future.


How do I talk more with EOS about this program?

If you would like to learn more about the ASTM x EOS Operator Certification Program or chat directly with our team about the benefits of certifying your team, contact our Additive Minds consulting team. If you are ready to schedule your training, visit our e-store today.


To explore the EOS M 290 and learn more about the AM capabilities and material capabilities, visit our metal system portfolio.


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Maryna Ienina, EOS North America AM Academy Product & Partnership Manager

Maryna Ienina, AM Academy Product & Partnership Manager at EOS North America and member of the Additive Minds Consulting team facilitates digitalization of AM education while managing the integration, creation and execution of Additive Minds Academy trainings. Maryna earned her Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering from Texas A&M University, Korea Institute of Science and Technology (KIST), and the National Technical University of Ukraine Polytechnic Institute. Now, together with EOS Additive Minds, she shares her expertise to leverage innovation with industrial 3D printing.

Contact: Maryna.Ienina@eos-na.com 


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