Bridging the Gap from R&D to Production

Built upon decades of industry feedback, the INTEGRA P 450 helps you move from prototyping to serial production.


Key Features

Scale Seamlessly

The INTEGRA P 450’s future-proof design offers an exchangeable optics tray, frame system, and other modular components that let you scale with ease.

Built for Speed

A 120-watt CO2 laser produces the fastest scanning times in the industry, and an innovative dual-roller recoating system applies material at up to 0.4 meters per second.

Easy to Use

User-friendly tools, open software interfaces, and intuitive operation support application development, material versatility, and seamless integration from CAD model to print.

Thermal Control

Eight independently controlled heating zones deliver consistent and efficient production, while a thermal imaging camera eases quality control and data capture.

Key Benefits

  • Material Processing up to 300°C

    Achieve unprecedented material flexibility, realize new opportunities for innovation, and embrace possibilities to optimize and develop new materials.

  • 8-Zone Quartz Heating

    The P 450 delivers consistent and fast heating over the entire build volume, with independently adjustable zones for even thermal distribution and repeatable part quality.

  • Thermal Imaging Camera

    Designed for real-time monitoring, closed-loop quality control, instantaneous quality feedback, and complete build documentation.


Our mid-range polymer AM system offers simplicity, serviceability, sustainability, and scalability in an open selective laser sintering (SLS) platform that’s designed to grow with your needs.

Technical Data

  • Construction Volume

    420 x 420 x 500 mm (16.5 x 16.5 x 19.7 in)

  • Building rate

    25 mm/hr (typical)

  • Laser Type

    CO2 120 W ( 70 W available upon request)

  • Scan Speed

    up to 12.7 m/s (500 in/sec) sky-writing

  • Power Supply

    240 VAC, 3 Phase / 40 A - peak operating current 30 A

  • Power Consumption

    typical 8.3 kW; maximum 12.5 kW

  • Machine Dimensions (W x D x H)

    2.08 x 1.32 x 2.46 m (6.83 x 4.33 x 8.08 ft)

  • Recommended Installation Space

    min. 4.6 x 4.1 x 3.3 m (15 x 13.50 x 11 ft)

  • Weight

    approx. 4,000 lb

  • Software

    IntegraBUILD, EOSPRINT 2.1, Materialise Magics (optional)

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