Amplifying the Impact of Additive Manufacturing

Additive manufacturing (AM) can redefine what’s possible for your products, your business, and your entire industry. We rely upon decades of experience as an AM pioneer to deliver comprehensive solutions from start to part.

30+ Years at the Forefront of AM Innovation

Founded as an independent company in 1989, we are pioneers in the development of integrated additive manufacturing solutions. We have mastered the interactions between lasers and powdered materials, and we pride ourselves on going above and beyond purely technical capabilities.

To serve our customers in the best possible way, we offer far more than just AM systems and materials. We have an in-depth understanding of the business opportunities AM enables and broad expertise across industries. From rapid prototyping to series production, we offer comprehensive and reliable solutions, and we support each customer through their entire development and production process.

Committed to Your Success

We are driven to exceed our customers’ high expectations and provide you with a true competitive edge. Our goal is to find the right path for your production needs by drawing on our comprehensive areas of expertise, from system know-how to materials development to process validation to optimizing AM from an economic perspective. 

We share our extensive knowledge of all things AM through a wide array of service offerings, such as  technical services for everyday AM operations, in-person and online training courses through our Additive Minds Academy, and in-depth guidance from our Additive Minds applied engineering team. Whether your organization is exploring AM for the first time, moving from prototype to production, or building the digital factory of the future, we deliver the support that you need.

Advancing the Cause of Responsible Manufacturing

Our dedication to sustainable manufacturing shines through in the way we operate as an organization and the efforts we make to amplify your own sustainability practices. We take pride in leading from the front of issues that align with our values. That’s why we actively pursue ways to apply AM to sustainability efforts, and we support local and regional programs that benefit traditionally underserved communities.

Sustainable manufacturing is a cornerstone of our corporate strategy, and we ambitiously pursue additional opportunities to contribute to a more sustainable world. We strive to create non-wasteful and efficient operations within our own company. We also help our customers explore and implement additive manufacturing solutions that reduce social and ecological impact.


The Power of Partnerships: Your AM Success Requires More Than Just a Printer

As your additive manufacturing partner, we have the relationships and the in-depth understanding of all the elements required for your AM success. Our ecosystem extends well beyond our exceptional systems, materials, software, and services. We have extensive alliances with trusted partners in the industrial 3D printing space, from established companies to groundbreaking start-ups.

Through our expertise and strategic partnerships, we help you address your industry-specific, application-specific, and customized solutions along the entire AM process chain. The EOS Ecosystem provides mission-critical support and solutions for design and application development, specialized software and digitization projects, material development and marketing, post-processing, and Industry 4.0 capabilities such as automation and connectivity.

Complexity and Simplicity Where You Need Them Most

Complex yet durable geometries can be impossible to create with subtractive manufacturing techniques such as milling, turning, or casting. When they are possible, they may only be achievable at a significantly high cost-per-part. AM gives developers incredible design freedom to create parts and products with complex geometries. With AM, design complexity does not have a major impact on production costs.

Simplicity is another major benefit. Traditional manufacturing techniques often require complex components and products to be manufactured in pieces, then assembled into a finished product. The groundbreaking capabilities of AM allow these complex structures to be printed as a single continuous object, reducing cost-per-part, assembly requirements, and reliance on extended supply chains.


Additive Manufacturing is Sustainable Manufacturing

Subtractive manufacturing is inherently wasteful, as it requires cutting or shaping a block of material into a finished part or product. AM uses only the amount of material it needs to manufacture an object, and material recyclability, reduced energy usage, and bio-sourced and recyclable polymers are top priorities in the AM world.

These factors alone are enough to make AM a more responsible approach to manufacturing, but AM’s sustainability benefits go well beyond reducing waste. AM greatly facilitates localized production and enables digital inventories, reducing the tremendous environmental impact of transportation, warehousing, and other aspects of extended supply chains. AM’s end-to-end sustainability gains make it the most responsible method of manufacturing.

Mass Customization and Manufacturing on Demand

Consumer expectations and market demands are evolving at warp speed in the modern world. Manufacturers in the automotive, consumer goods, and medical technology industries are under pressure to deliver products personalized for every user. In other words, production capabilities must be optimized for a build batch as small as a single product, with design requirements defined by a single customer. With traditional manufacturing techniques, it is impossible for these products to be manufactured profitably. 

AM is uniquely suited for these one-of-a-kind products, as design variances can be handled purely by a digital file with no tooling adjustments needed. These same attributes make AM a perfect fit for printing spare parts on demand and replacement parts on site. The material, production, and warehousing costs associated with manufacturing and storing spare parts are often very expensive. AM enables huge cost-saving opportunities to suppliers by allowing them to print the parts they need when they need them.


Groundbreaking Opportunities for Lightweighting

Lightweighting is the design attribute that keeps on giving: it reduces manufacturing costs by using less material in the production process, and it also helps create more environmentally friendly vehicles, planes, and spacecraft by increasing fuel efficiency or driving range while reducing harmful emissions. Lightweighting also typically results in performance improvements. As a result, lightweighting has become a top-line initiative in the automotive and aerospace industries, and AM is the ideal manufacturing technique to produce state-of-the-art lightweight structures with exceptional durability. 

Due to the design freedom and material efficiency AM enables, it has become a primary production method for high-strength lightweight structures. When produced at scale, every gram saved translates to considerable cost-per-part savings while also helping to protect the environment. In lightweighting applications, AM doesn’t just improve the efficiency of part design, production, and material usage. It also improves the performance and sustainability of the final product.