The Benefits of Additive Manufacturing

Additive manufacturing transforms and disrupts.

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Additive manufacturing offers both complexity and simplicity where you need it the most

Complex application geometries can be impossible to produce with traditional manufacturing techniques, such as milling, turning, or casting. When they are possible, the cost-per-part does not make economic sense. AM gives engineers incredible design freedom to create applications with complex geometries – unique, organic, and AI-derived – without driving production costs higher for your business.

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"At EOS we always strive to push the boundaries of innovative manufacturing. We encourage our partners to look toward a future where production is less harmful to our planet without having to sacrifice excellence in design and functionality."

Björn Hannappel

Head of Sustainability, EOS Group


Additive manufacturing is sustainable manufacturing

Subtractive manufacturing is inherently wasteful, as it requires cutting or shaping a block of material into a finished part or product. AM uses only the amount of material it needs to manufacture an object, and material recyclability, reduced energy consumption, and bio-sourced and recyclable polymers are top priorities in the AM world.

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Mass customization and manufacturing on demand

Evolving consumer expectations and market demands are changing the demands on manufacturers in the automotive, consumer goods, and medical industries who now find themselves under pressure to deliver personalized or customized products. In other words, production capabilities must be tailored for a single- or small-batch production with design requirements defined by each individual. The economics of traditional manufacturing methods do not allow for this. Learn how additive manufacturing makes mass customized products not only possible but in a faction of time compares to traditional manufacturing methods.

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Our technology holds the potential to radically transform the entire industrial value chain and shape the future world of manufacturing. Design freedom and customization, sustainability, rapid product development, and their cost advantages are setting the pace for flexible production, today and tomorrow.

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