Diving Deeper into the AM Turnkey Experience

Diving Deeper into the AM Turnkey Experience


Pflugerville, Texas, August 8, 2023 In recent years, the Additive Minds Consulting team has assisted numerous organizations in their journey from prototyping to production through successful AM Turnkey projects.  Initially, these projects didn't carry the label of 'AM Turnkey', but were managed distinctively from conventional Additive Minds consulting engagements, addressing each case individually.


We found that some customers needed a different, more customized approach to successfully implement additive manufacturing (AM) into their production, and by partnering with the Additive Minds team in the high-level capacity in which AM Turnkey provides, they thrived. These projects varied in complexity, from relatively straightforward application development to material development and allowable generation to the qualification of critical components.


Although each AM Turnkey project presented unique challenges, they all shared a common need for time efficiency – something achieved much faster in-house at the Pflugerville Technical Center rather than at the customer’s home base. The Additive Minds engineering team support helps to shorten project timelines and accelerate time to production. Now with the AM Turnkey consulting program, it’s something any customer is able to opt-in to based on their industrial 3D printing needs. The success of the AM Turnkey program has resonated widely, transcending specific industries. It has been replicated across diverse sectors including aerospace, medical, automotive, semiconductor, and consumer goods, among others.


What is AM Turnkey?


AM Turnkey is a premiere consulting service that provides a fast, low risk, end-to-end option for organizations looking to successfully adopt AM technology. This means the Additive Minds team takes care of the entire process, from project planning to component redesign, training, machine operation, qualification, project management, and technology and know-how transfer.  

The AM Turnkey project approach ensures efficiency and reduces risks by providing companies with the Additive Minds team’s expertise and experience needed to avoid potential pitfalls and mistakes. This program is designed to help companies cultivate trust in the AM process, as well as in the EOS ecosystem. Engaging in shadow learning alongside the Additive Minds team offers a unique opportunity to absorb knowledge from industry-leading specialists. This comprehensive program is designed to guarantee consistent and optimized machine performance and streamline the entire process chain, spanning from project mapping and development all the way to refined production.


What is included in an AM Turnkey Project?


  • Extensive project consultation and mapping 
    • Identify your project goals, requirements, and more with the Additive Minds team based on your production timeline 
  • Your system set-up and configured in our EOS Pflugerville Technical Center
    • A secure, confidential system bay within the EOS building for your system to be run by the foremost experts in EOS technology
  • Customized Additive Minds engagement
    • With EOS operating as your systems home base, Additive Minds experts are on-site to run and maintain your project proof of production 
  • Complete team training and hand-off
    • With proven successful production of your EOS system and qualification requirements your team will be trained on the process and more with our Additive Minds experts




Not yet familiar with the Additive Minds Consulting team? This is who we are:


The Additive Minds Consulting team is the EOS team of industrial 3D printing experts and a vital part of EOS's mission to drive innovation and AM adoption worldwide. The Additive Minds team is the world's largest consulting, applied engineering, and education unit for AM. Our team is comprised of engineers, materials scientists, data scientists, project managers, and other experts who specialize in AM technology. Our team offers a range of services, including consulting and training for businesses new to AM, process optimization for existing AM operations, and custom application development of AM parts and products. 


Additive Minds works closely with companies to understand their unique needs and develop customized solutions to help integrate AM into their operations and leverage the technology to improve their processes, products, and overall competitiveness. Education and training programs via Additive Minds Academy team are also offered to help businesses and individuals learn more about additive manufacturing and how to use it effectively.


In addition to consulting and engineering services, our team also conducts research and development to advance the field of AM. EOS collaborates with academic institutions, national labs, federal agencies, and other industry leaders to develop new materials, improve software and hardware, and improve AM processes and applications in general.


Interested in learning more about AM Turnkey?


Explore and read more about the possibilities available with the Additive Minds Turnkey program here. If you think an AM Turnkey project might be the right solution for you, schedule a meeting with the Additive Minds team to discuss project goals, requirements, and timeline. During this meeting, connect with an Additive Minds team member 1:1 to learn more about the process, capabilities, and the process of working with Additive Minds to achieve a successful, efficient AM outcome. 


For additional questions or more information, please contact Anja Miles, EOS North America Senior Quality Project Engineer. 


Anja Miles

+1 512.5852429


About EOS North America:

EOS North America is a business of EOS, providing responsible manufacturing solutions via industrial 3D printing technology to manufacturers around the world. Connecting high quality production efficiency with its pioneering innovation and sustainable practices, the independent company formed in 1989 will shape the future of manufacturing. Powered by its platform-driven digital value network of machines and a holistic portfolio of services, materials and processes, EOS is deeply committed to fulfilling its customers’ needs and acting responsibly for our planet.



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