The Additive Minds applied technology team is here to elevate your additive manufacturing (AM) expertise and capabilities.

"We prepare companies to innovate beyond existing boundaries with additive manufacturing. More than 500 successful customer projects show that Additive Minds can take your company to the next level."

Greg Hayes | Senior Vice President, Applied Technology | EOS North America


The Ideal Partner For Your AM Journey

The EOS Additive Minds team explores your complex manufacturing needs, understands your unique challenges, and provides the practical guidance you need to achieve business growth with AM. Nothing is more important to us than your AM success.

In-Depth Support for Every AM Project

The Additive Minds team delivers custom guidance suited to your organization’s unique AM needs. We’ll help you identify your AM business case, select best-fit applications, optimize design, implement key processes, improve quality management, and scale your AM efforts. Get ready to become a true leader in your industry.


Individual Consulting Driven by Industry-Leading Expertise

Our guidance is founded on more than 30 years of laser, material, and process mastery – and hundreds of customer projects across a wide variety of industries. We understand the complex challenges every organization faces on their AM journey, and we help you overcome every end-to-end hurdle.

A Global Network of Award-Winning AM Experts

With more than 100 AM experts worldwide, the Additive Minds team takes pride in helping organizations around the globe explore new opportunities and revenue streams through AM. Our commitment to excellence has earned us four TOP CONSULTANT awards since 2017 – and countless satisfied customers.


Practical AM Solutions That Work for You

AM success requires more than a machine and the path to success varies on a case-by-case basis. The Additive Minds team begins with your business objectives, product portfolio, in-house capabilities, and key challenges. Then, we deliver comprehensive guidance based on your own definition of success. 

Additive Minds Academy: Convenient Online Learning Paths

Additive Minds Academy offers extensive online learning paths designed to boost the skills your organization needs to succeed in AM. We provide learning modules for engineers, designers, machine operators, application specialists, production managers and aspiring creators.

Immerse Yourself in AM Insights: The Additive Snack Podcast

The Additive Snack podcast is hosted by Fabian Alefeld, Additive Minds Consultant Manager for EOS North America. No marketing B.S. No product pitches. Just expert insights, interviews, and real-world stories that help your business achieve growth and success through AM.

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