Optimize Your Production, Maximize Your Potential

Our suite of 3D printing software covers every step in your process and quality assurance chain, including real-time monitoring, seamless software integration, and comprehensive connectivity and control. We enable additive manufacturing of individual parts, self-optimizing series production in digital factories, and every application in between.


Data Preparation

EOSPRINT 2 makes your entry to additive manufacturing as efficient, secure, and smooth as possible. Our flexible software allows you to assign and optimize process parameters on EOS machines. It also calculates the laser's exact path in the production process to optimize factors such as the build speed and surface quality. With its extensive and easy-to-use functions, EOSPRINT 2 is particularly useful in data preparation and process development.

  • Easy to learn and intuitive to use
  • Improves production while reducing costs
  • Improves production while reducing costs
  • Allows for intricate and complex parts
  • Optimizes process parameters adapted to your system


Monitoring & Quality Assurance

Quality assurance is a major expense. EOSTATE helps you lower costs associated with extensive quality assurance by reducing or eliminating downstream test methods. Our modular software provides end-to-end monitoring of all production and quality data in additive manufacturing. Using EOSTATE's four modules individually or combined, you can achieve reliable AM series production without compromise.

  • Achieve shorter turnaround times for quality assurance processes
  • Receive complete documentation and a digital library of all process data
  • Automate real-time monitoring
  • Accelerate application development


Data Connectivity

EOSCONNECT is the foundation of your additive manufacturing integration. Our software features three modules that enhance data insights and help you achieve your productivity and quality goals. The Core module ensures connectivity within your existing IT infrastructure. MachinePark enables you to access system information and send automatic notifications. ControlCenter gives you automated, efficient, and transparent operation of your 3D printing units, resulting in a stable and repeatable process with predictable costs per part.

  • Quick and simple IT integration
  • Gain competitive advantages through precise insights into productivity
  • Automate reports for quality assurance and other key processes
  • Unlock system, sensor, and production data in IIoT applications