Unleash the Power of DMLS 3D Printing

Organizations rely on EOS direct metal laser solidification (DMLS®) technology for their most critical applications. Our metal additive manufacturing platforms deliver exceptional part quality, reliability, productivity, and repeatability for customers in the space, aviation, automotive, medical, consumer goods, and energy industries.

EOS M 290

The industry standard for qualified 3D printed metal parts. The mid-sized and multi-functional EOS M 290 provides extensive materials support and finely detailed builds.

  • The most versatile materials portfolio on the market
  • Features a 400-watt fiber laser for excellent detail resolution
  • Produces complex builds with consistent properties
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EOS M 300-4

Highly productive, highly flexible, highly scalable. Boost your application production by up to 5x with the powerful and flexible EOS M 300-4.

  • Features four versatile 400-watt lasers that cover a 300 x 300 x 400 mm build volume
  • Can be tailored to your unique needs through customizable automation
  • Delivers reliable and repeatable performance, easy integration, and scalability
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EOS M 400

Exceptional quality at high volume. Built for serial manufacturing of large metal parts, the EOS M 400 delivers repeatable excellence.

  • Features a 1000-watt laser for higher build rates and thicker layers
  • Delivers a build volume of 400 x 400 x 400 m
  • Simplifies scaling and customization of serial manufacturing through a modular platform
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EOS M 400-4

Ultra-fast, ultra-productive. The EOS M 400-4 is our flagship four-laser machine, providing the ultimate productivity platform for industrial applications.

  • Meets every usage requirement of an industrial production environment
  • Eases operation through highly automated procedures and processes
  • Features four precise 400-watt lasers with a build volume of 400 x 400 x 400 mm
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