Honoring Texas Veterans with 3D Printed Stars this Holiday Season

Honoring Texas Veterans with 3D Printed Stars this Holiday Season


Honoring Texas Veterans with 3D Printed Stars this Holiday Season


Pflugerville, Texas, December 7, 2022 EOS North America teamed up with the Texas Fallen Project this holiday season to supply more than 600 3D printed polymer stars to memorialize Texans lost in combat since 9/11 at the Round Rock Light Up the Lake festival.


Bobby Withrow, Navy Veteran and Senior Chief in the Texas State Guard founded the Texas Fallen Project in 2014 to share the message of honor, dignity, and to help create a legacy for the fallen and their families, while also shining light on the community’s appreciation of their heroism. Withrow shared his Texas Fallen Project message on social media along with an idea to 3D print commemorative stars for those lost in combat.


Reading the social media post was Michael House, Senior Systems Administrator at EOS North America, and friend of Withrow, and the collaboration was set into motion.


“Although I am not a veteran myself, I am passionate about helping families of fallen soldiers by assisting with projects like Texas Fallen,” said House.


Soon, House’s colleague Mike Conner, VP of Service at EOS North America, joined to support the project. Said Conner:


“At EOS North America, veterans are viewed with the utmost respect, and make up 15% of our workforce. We are honored to contribute to the Texas Fallen Project and hope to make this a tradition going forward.”





House and Conner took the project from planning to production with the help of EOS’ Additive Minds team, using an in-house EOS P 396 system, designed for industrial 3D printing. The commemorative stars were then produced with PA 2200, a polyamide powder material, valued for its durability, versatility, and biocompatibility. Each star printed carried the name of a fallen Texan, allowing their loved ones to find their star among the other veterans who sacrificed their lives in the line of duty. The Additive Minds team also printed 50 stars for those who remained unnamed.


After the Light Up the Lake festival ceremony, the trees and gold stars will be placed at the Round Rock Recreation Center throughout the 2022 holiday season. 


“The outpouring of support and messages we’ve received from the stars has been absolutely amazing,” said Withrow. “There are always new families and loved ones that need our support, and we look forward to continuing to honor those who have laid down their lives to protect our community in every way we can.”





Watch the full interview with Fox 7 Austin to learn more about the Texas Fallen Project and EOS North America collaboration over the holiday season here


Learn more about the Texas Fallen Project here.

Learn more about EOS North America’s commitment to the community and corporate social responsibility here.


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